What is Warehousing?

Sep 7, 2022 | LNH News, Warehousing

LNH transport offer a full warehousing solution, but what is warehousing?

Warehousing is the process of storing your goods or inventory in a specified storage area or warehouse until they are ready to be distributed. The process of warehousing means that goods are stored correctly and less likely to be damaged.

Warehousing also is a strategic way of storage as all products and goods are organised and trackable so that they are easily found by using methodical storage processes.
The warehousing process allows for goods to be;
– Location tracked
– Date of arrival
– Length of stay
– Quantity
– Date of delivery

LNH offer businesses to rent storage space to ensure that their products are safely stored. Warehousing is a fantastic option for businesses which do not have much room on site or the correct facilities to store goods.

How is warehousing different from storage?

Warehousing and storage are similar however warehousing stores products that are intended for sale not simply storage of goods until they are required. Warehousing is a much faster pace of goods in and out than storage facilities as products are constantly being sold and replaced. Storage is often used more by the public than business and is often for longer terms than the items distributed through warehousing.

How are warehouses managed?

Warehouse management is a very strategic process and involves skill and forward thinking. We have a highly trained warehousing management team here at LNH transport.

Our warehouse managers have to;
– Use forecasting techniques to project the volume of goods as this determines how many staff we need to have in at certain times.
– Safety maintenance – this is paramount to ensure the goods are kept safe but also our staff and equipment.
– Ensure staff are fully trained with the correct qualifications – ie forklift drivers.
– The warehousing management team make sure that we are compliant will all laws and regulations.
– Planning skills are used to make sure the warehousing runs smoothly every day.
– Audits are carried out and spot checks.
– Train staff to make sure that all goods are handled correctly and packed and shipped in the right way.
– Record keeping is paramount to ensure the smooth running of the warehousing process.


The operations aspect of warehousing is also crucial to the smooth running here at LNH. The operations aspect of warehousing takes care of the goods being moved and fully traceable and trackable.

Warehousing solutions run correctly ensure that we can;
– Make sure products are shipped on time
– We have the correct quantities
– Costs are kept low
– Staff retention
– Happy customer

If you are thinking of utilising warehousing solutions or just would like some more information our experts here at LNH are more than happy to guide you and provide you with any information you may require. 

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