CASE STUDY: LNH Transport support large UK filter manufacturer

Jun 12, 2023 | Case Studies













A prominent UK Filter Manufacturer required the transportation of specialised filter parts worth £120k from Manchester Airport to their customer located in Hull, Yorkshire.

The pallets of goods had been flown in from the USA and LNH was appointed to collect the goods for the manufacturer.

Then the cargo needed to be delivered direct to their customers site on a dedicated vehicle immediately after the cargo had landed in the UK and cleared customs checks.

Unfortunately, upon collection, the pallets containing the parts were damaged during transit from the USA and subsequently would be rejected upon delivery.

The customer required a quick and simple resolution to ensure the end customer could receive the goods on time and intact as agreed in the sale.

LNH solution:

As transport, warehousing and packaging specialists, LNH proposed to re-palletise the goods on the manufacturer’s behalf and redelivering them to the end customer.

LNH transported the pallets back to their own warehouse, based in Warrington, where they were able to unload and separate the items safely from the damaged pallets.

Once the goods were removed from the broken pallets, they were inspected to ensure they had received no damage in transit.

Photo images of the cargo were sent direct to the customer and then the cargo was securely stored overnight at LNH’s warehouse whilst bespoke pallets were manufactured to the required size for safe repackaging of the goods.

LNH re-palletised the goods across three oversized pallets, to provide optimal safety during transport.


Through prompt action, LNH effectively provided and executed a comprehensive solution for the customer, resulting in the successful delivery of the goods to the end customer in Hull within 24 hours of the original delivery date.

By creating custom pallets, LNH reduced the risk of additional damage and ensured secure transportation that met the customer’s specific requirements.

Additionally, their efficient turnaround time allowed the customer to receive their products just a day later than originally scheduled, further demonstrating LNH’s commitment to meeting customer expectations while maintaining a high standard of service.

Dan Lewis, director at LNH said:

“Thanks to the rapid thinking, efficiency, and specialised expertise of our team, we were able to devise a tailored solution that ensured the secure and safe delivery of the goods while meeting the customer’s expectations within a challenging timeframe.

At LNH, effective communication lies at the core of our values. Keeping clients informed and providing regular updates is crucial to ensuring clients feel assured and confident in our ability to handle any situation, alleviating any potential stress on their part.

This case highlights the utmost importance of adaptability and efficiency that is needed for a logistics and transport company, and it serves as a prime example of how LNH prioritises our customers’ needs above all else”