Our warehousing availability in September

Sep 15, 2022 | Warehousing


Its exciting times now September is on us it can only mean one thing we are on the run up to.. you guessed it Christmas.

This is always a super busy period for us here at LNH. You can imagine the turnaround of goods is non stop over the Christmas period. However we want to reassure you that your warehousing needs can be met by us at LNH at this busy time of year. There is a significant increase in demand at this time of year, however our warehousing managers have it all under control. Being prepared helps us to still provide you with the expert service that you have come to expect from LNH. Our stock levels, staff levels and operations are adjusted accordingly so you have no need to worry about your Christmas warehousing needs. Ensuring that we have this all well under control means that the timely delivery of your goods will be achieved.

So how can we ensure this? Here’s how, by following our own top Christmas warehousing tips;

 Warehouse layout:

Whilst we pride ourselves on an organised, easy to navigate layout at all times here at LNH this time of year it is paramount that organisation is key. Our warehousing and operations managers work tirelessly to ensure efficiency within our warehousing service. We review where and how our inventory is stored and look at our systems and how we can improve the warehousing functionality constantly. Easily accessible, well located and stored goods help to reduce labour time and overall means a more effective operation. Good organisation means less wasted time and less chance of error which helps us keep you, our clients happy and in turn your customers happy.

Team work makes the dream work:

We may be biased but the warehousing team here at LNH is second to non and we are very proud of our staff and how the warehousing function of our business is run, especially warehousing for the Christmas period.

We ensure we have the correct amount of staff needed to run the warehouse effectively at all times which allows us to fulfil the deliveries. The staffing needs at this time of year are increased so we ensure that we offer overtime and extra persons to help team moral and motivation. A happy team means that the warehousing process runs much smoother. Our staff are all fully trained and excellent at what they do so we have no worries on this front when it comes to meeting Christmas warehousing demands.

Equipment Checks:

The operations team here at LNH are busy checking al of our equipment for the lead up to our busy period. All of our equipment is maintained at all times however extra checks are carried out to ensure that we do not have an hiccups during this festive period. All of the inspections will be carried out and any issues mechanical or technical can be rectified before the rush. Forward planning helps us stay ahead of the game. In doing this we can minimise the chance of equipment failure which can halt the warehousing operation and cause delays which we do not want.

All of the above is carried out to ensure we can fulfil and meet warehousing demand over Christmas as we do all year round for our valued customers. If you have any warehousing requirements contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can help you.