8 tips for efficient warehouse storage

Apr 26, 2023 | Warehousing


Efficient warehouse storage is an essential cog within the logistics process, ensuring shipments are accurate, on-time and delivered as quickly as possible. Having an effective warehousing solution or partner brings many benefits to businesses, no matter the size, industry or location. So, now’s the time to make sure your warehouse plan is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Below, we look at:

What is warehousing?
What are the benefits of efficient warehousing and storage?
8 tips for efficient warehouse storage


What is warehousing?

Warehousing refers to the storing of goods that will later be sold or distributed. Warehouses are used by a range of different businesses and industries to store products before they are shipped to other locations, including retail premises, or to end-users directly.

Here at LNH Transport, we’re experts in short and long-term warehouse storage solutions, including unloading and loading facilities, relabelling, restacking and repacking. We’re here to make your storage process as straightforward and smooth as possible, and that’s the LNH promise.


What are the benefits of efficient warehousing and storage?

Peace of mind

Finally, an efficient warehouse should give you peace of mind. This could be peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands, that they’ll arrive in one piece or that they won’t get lost in transit or storage.

All warehouses should be safe and secure, fitted with CCTV systems to monitor activity and deter any potential criminal activity. The safety of your cargo should be the number one priority.


Accurate deliveries

Efficient warehouse storage means you know exactly where your specific products are at all times. They are clearly labelled, easy to find and, most importantly, easily accessible, meaning when it’s time for delivery, the correct package arrives at the end-user.

Plus, the use of an accurate inventory management system ensures everyone working in the warehouse knows exactly what’s currently in store and are notified of any changes.


On-time deliveries

An efficient warehouse should have systems in place to ensure there are sufficient staff onsite when a shipment arrives or is due to leave. This careful planning ensures deliveries are always on time with a workforce available to cope with this change in demand.

Additionally, all warehouse staff should be trained in packing, relabelling and restacking, to ensure the process is as seamless, stress-free and quick as possible.


8 tips for efficient warehouse storage:


Optimise available space

In any warehouse, space is both the key resource and, often, the hardest thing to come by. That’s why, its essential managers plan the layout of their warehouse, organising and optimising the space for maximum efficiency.

This could involve regularly reorganising the space, depending on what stock is currently in inventory. All changes should be tracked carefully in an inventory management system, making it easy for anyone working in your warehouse to track and locate stock.


Reorganise based on type

A key element of efficient warehouse storage is ensuring stock is easy to find. If a warehouse is messy or unorganised, this can lead to delays and even the loss of stock.

We’d recommend organising a warehouse by product type or customer type, setting aside specific areas for each category. By doing this, each product is easy to locate, saving time and labour later down the line.


Make aisles as narrow as possible

A handy way to maximise space in a warehouse is to introduce narrow aisles, allowing for a larger overall storage space. This does come with a caveat however, as warehouse managers need to ensure they are wide enough to support forklift travel and that in reducing aisle width, they don’t expose those in the warehouse to unnecessary risks.


Take advantage of vertical space

Another tip for maximising space in a warehouse, is to look upwards. If a warehouse is tight on horizontal space, take advantage of high ceilings and expand upwards. Taller storage racks with accessible levels are a fool proof way to increase overall warehouse storage capacity.

Again, we’d advise proceeding with caution when expanding upwards. There are rules and regulations to stick to when stacking products, plus this new storage method can be potentially dangerous if not done properly.


Choose an organisation method and stick to it

Whether by product type, client, colour or size, its essential warehouses are organised. Not only does this help maximise storage capabilities, but it also ensures stock can be easily located and accessed.

Once an organisation method has been chosen, it’s up to everyone in the warehouse to stick to it. This ensures everyone is on the same page, and reduces the likelihood of delays, lost stock and even injuries.


Manage stock carefully

Efficient warehouse storage must be underpinned by a clear stock management system, giving managers oversight into all ingoing and outgoing products. This, in turn, ensures that all available space is used, while preventing any overstocking and having to let a customer down.

A well-managed, efficient warehouse backed up by a robust stock management is cost-effective, time-effective and boosts end-user satisfaction.


Train staff

Whether you’re a manager, forklift operator or stock controller, it’s paramount that everyone working in a warehouse has the training needed to complete the job as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ongoing training, plus quarterly or yearly reviews, are a great way to ensure all knowledge is up to date, informing the team of the latest safety procedures, processes and technology.


Partner with warehousing and storage experts

Our final tip is to partner with warehouse storage experts, to ensure any operations are as stress-free and seamless as possible. External warehousing providers are well versed in the complexities associated with running an efficient warehouse, including repacking, relabelling, and restacking.


By partnering with an experienced external provider, like us, you can rest assured that your cargo is in safe hands. With no limit on size restrictions, we work with our customers to create bespoke warehouse storage solutions based on their individual requirements.

We work across the full spectrum of industries, including retail, manufacturing, distribution and eCommerce, along with important document storage and archive services.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option for your warehousing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today.